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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Smith Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health, Dr. Andrew Smith

Deborah’s Testimonial

Headaches and Balance Issues Disappearing!

BIG Skeptic, Now A Believer

Attention TMJ Sufferers!

A Patient For Life!

Dr. Smith has great knowledge and I greatly look forward to working with him to get me back to 100%. First impressions are everything. Great staff, clean environment, expert knowledge. Patient for life! Salvatore C.

A Clear Diagnosis And A Clear Plan For My Future

I had never visited a chiropractor before. Staff is polite, friendly and helpful. Dr. Smith has developed and manages a very efficient office flow. He blends efficiency with warmth and caring. I visited at least four physicians prior to Dr. Smith. They were never clear on exactly what was my issue; but, always offered pills to diminish my discomfort. I did not want something to numb my discomfort. I wanted a clear diagnosis and a clear plan for my future. Dr. Smith has given me both. Diane J.

john w

Uplifting Energy

Professional with uplifting energy and empathy. John W.

Had Difficulty Walking Before…

I was having great difficulty walking before I saw Dr. Smith. I had pulled something in my lower back. Not only did he help me with that, we now have a plan to be proactive and strengthen the back to hopefully offset future difficulties. After a week with the treatment, I golfed two days this week. I highly recommend Dr. Smith and his staff. Ken M.

Place To Go

To anyone who is having general health issues, or even profoundly obvious injury to the back or spine, this is the place to go. I was all too tuned to the Western medicine perspective to consider Chiropractic previously, but boy am I sure glad I opened my mind. After years of physical therapy to no avail, things are finally starting to move in the right direction thanks to Dr. Smith’s help. Jason L.

Very Best

Dr. Smith is awesome. He is a very knowledgeable, professional, and caring doctor. Along with the doctor, the staff is very accommodating and always pleasant. Another thing about this doctors office is that they are very flexible with scheduling my appointments, helpful when I need to reschedule my appointment for any reason, and always available to help me with any questions or concerns I may have. I am always seen by the doctor at my scheduled appointment time, never any waiting like you’d find at many other doctors offices. The doctor and staff always give me time to talk when I need it, yet they do a great job at getting you in and out very quickly. I’ve seen well over 75+ doctors in my lifetime for different reasons, and I must say that this doctor and his staff are some of the very best I’ve ever come across. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith to anyone needing his type of care and expertise. Jared B.

Good Listener

Came to Dr. Smith as an out of state visitor. Saw me the day I called. Performed an adjustment and I walked out pain free and have been ever since. I could not recommend Dr. Smith and staff enough. He was very professional and a good listener. Charles N.

Very Professional

Dr. Smith and staff were very professional. I was in much pain and they took me in on an emergency appointment. Dr. Smith was very cautious in evaluating and formulating a wellness plan. In two days I have improved greatly. I am in Palm Beach 10 days a month and plan on getting adjustments when I’m in town. Thank you Dr. Smith and staff. Gary T.

Glad To Of Found This Place

I am glad to have found this place for maintaining my health. Having a trusted, friendly, efficient, affordable doctor is invaluable. Frank B.

Great Experience

The entire staff is very congenial and professional. When you walk in, you receive a warm welcome and you are called by name. Everyone bends over backwards to provide a great experience and that is what you get…a great experience. Dr. Smith provides a detailed explanation of what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and what to expect. It had been years since I’d had a chiropractic adjustment, but he made sure I was comfortable and seemed very confident and skilled in what he was doing. I will definitely be including Smith Chiropractic in my wellness journey for years to come. Wesley M.


My experience thus far with Smith Chiropractic has been nothing short of wonderful. I have been going to Dr. Smith three times a week for adjustments and have not felt this great in a very long time. Not only is he amazing at what he does, he has a true passion for his work. His positive attitude is extremely uplifting and he always seems to have his patients back (no pun intended). I would recommend him to anyone! Nicole Y.

Low Back

When I first came to Dr. Smith, I was in horrible low back pain and it was traveling down my left leg. I couldn’t sleep well, and I became very depressed. My friend kept encouraging me to come to Smith Chiropractic, but I was to afraid. Finally, the pain was so terrible, I took her advice. I am SO grateful. It was discovered that I had misaligned vertebra in my back that was pinching nerves, causing my problems. After a few months of care, I am feeling great! I can play with my dogs, mow my lawn and live my life! My depression has also dissipated! Chiropractic works, it has changed my life! Thank you to all the wonderful care at Smith Chiropractic! C.S. Jupiter Farms

Spinal Stenosis

I first came to Smith Chiropractic because my daughter was on my case! I was in constant pain, taking many pain medications to control it. I could not sit for any length of time. I had to rely on my family to help me around my own house. I had tried Physical Therapy, massage, acupuncture with minimal results. i was told I should just “live with it”. When I consulted with Dr. Smith, he was brutally honest. He said that although there was no cure for my stenosis, it would be possible to alleviate some of the pressure on my nerves, giving me more and more good days, and therefore less and less bad days. He was right! This past year I have drastically reduced medications, traveled to Colorado to see my grandchildren, started yoga and volunteer every weekend! I am so grateful for the wonderful care I have received and now I use Chiropractic as one of my tools to stay well! I tell and refer everyone to Smith Chiropractic! J.K. North Palm Beach

Numbness In My Fingers

When I first came to Smith Chiropractic, I was experiencing a tingling and numb feeling in my hands almost every morning. I was sick and tired of going to so many doctors and was very frustrated. Upon my examination, Dr. Smith showed me where my spinal vertebra were misaligned and putting pressure on my nerves, causing the numbness sensations. After only 3 weeks, I started to wake up without my hands tingling. I couldn’t believe it! I now have more energy, flexibility and overall general sense of well being! I now get adjustments on a regular basis to allow my body to stay balanced! A.H. West Palm Beach


I came to Smith Chiropractic originally because I had been suffering from severe migraine headaches. The headaches would come on several times a week and I would frequently have to call out from work. I would get so nauseous that I was forced to lay in a dark room and take medication. I was also overweight and struggling with anxiety. To put the icing on the cake, I had terrible asthma. Since starting Chiropractic care 8 months ago, my whole life has changed. Its been 6 weeks since I had my last headache(a minor one) and through Dr. Smith’s coaching I have lost 31 pounds! My asthma is under control and I just received a bonus at work for not calling out sick two months in a row! I am so grateful for Smith Chiropractic. What a blessing!! L.C. Hobe Sound

Neck Pain

I have been suffering with neck pain and stiffness ever since a car accident three years ago. Every time it would rain, my neck would “lock up”. My brother who was already a practice member of Smith Chiropractic, encouraged me to come to one of Dr. Smith’s in office workshops. After I learned how spinal misalignments can affect nerves and cause pain, I was convinced I should have him examine my neck. The xrays showed a misaligned vertebra at C5/6 causing nerve pressure. Dr. Smith recommend a corrective adjustment schedule along with at home exercises. I can honestly say I feel better than ever! Not only does my neck not hurt, I feel awake and alert and not as “foggy” as I used to! Plus, the staff at Smith Chiropractic is so friendly they make it a joy to go there! Thanks so much for all you do! T.A. Jupiter


When I first came to Smith Chiropractic, I was suffering with low back pain that was constant and sore. I consulted with Dr. Smith and after an exam he showed me that my back muscles were really weak, and I need to start a strengthening program. What was interesting is that he showed me that my curve in my neck bones was really out of alignment and was choking off nerves. He said it could affect my ears, eyes, nose or throat if left uncorrected. That was so interesting to me since I had been suffering with sinus problems for nearly a decade! It took roughly 5 weeks before I began to really notice a major shift in my sinuses. Dr. Smith help me with my food choices and I now have almost NO sinus issues! D.K. Palm Beach Gardens


I am an avid surfer. When my back and leg started burning with pain, I became very upset. I went to my regular doctor, who gave me a shot in my back. It did not help! I went back for two more and still very little relief. I was referred to Dr. Smith by a friend of mine. When I went to see him, he was the most thorough of all my other doctors. He did scans of my back and even took xrays. He saw that my spine and hip bones were crooked and said he could work to improve the alignment enough to take away my pain. After alot of work, my body is back on track! I am surfing 2-3 times a week and I rarely feel any sensation in my back or leg! I now get adjustments on a regular basis to upkeep my alignment! O.H. Palm Beach Gardens

Neck And Arm Pain

When I first came to Smith Chiropractic I had a little bit of neck pain, but alot of arm pain. At times it was so bad I couldn’t move my wrist. The problem was that I clean boats for a living! When Dr. Smith showed me that my upper back and neck were out of balance and pinching off the nerves that go down my arm, I knew I was in the right place. Smith Chiropractic has been a god sent to me! I could not have my career if I was not getting Chiropractic adjustments. I try to go every week, they always find a way to fit me in! I love the staff because they are always so friendly and warm! Thank you Smith Chiropractic. C.S. Lake Worth

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